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Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm not....

Sorry ....not gonna blog anymore....

I honestly have no time. Single Mom... 4 kids... full time job...taxiing kids to sports and practices and everywhere.... when I do get a chance to come online... I'm on FB or 101...

but I'll keep this up and running to view others I've subscribed to.

Just letting y'all know... don't come looking for me here... If I something to say... I'll blog (notes) on FB....


Monday, October 4, 2010

More stress now???


My favorite stress ball.... sprung a leak!!!

I have so much stress it's nuts. Working full time... taking care of my kids... taking care of their mental well being after this past year...

Each and every night there is something... honestly...if I have one night a week I can come home from work... I'm psyched! I am desperately trying to fit it physicals, dentists appts, oral surgery appts, orthodontic appts (damn teeth)... not to mention picking a kid up from school who had to stay for whatever reason....bringing another kid to school early for music ... sports are another blog I swear.

Enough blah blah blahing..... but I come home and deal with everything by walking around with this stupid ball. The gel is soothing.... squishy... it gets warm... and feels like jello. It's awesome.

Well....it sprung a leak. Am I too stressed I killed it? Will I get more stress now that I don't have it? Am I really this pathetic???

Yup.... it seems so. Bye stress ball.... I'll miss squeezing you. :(

Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm not getting Google Blogger. I guess it's like FB... that was confusing at first too. Do I JUST follow? Do I become friends to follow...or is that icing? Where is the LIKE button? ;)

I just click randomly and find myself places. I'll get it I suppose. Myspace was so simple way back when. LOL! Social networking can be a bugger.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Real Horror

Ok.. I admit it... my older girls are ghouls. They love horror stories and films. The latest... Amityville Horror. So... me being me... I do what I do best. I google. :-P

I am reading about what really happened (via the Lutz's version) and what was fabricated by the movie industry. This reminds me of a website I frequented some time back.

Lots of good movies here.... Rudy, Titanic, Men of Honor, Boys Don't Cry.... good reading.

What I like...is that it shows the actor/actress who portrayed a certain person.... and the real life counterpart.

However....since we're on the subject of horror.... take a look at

So I pose the question.... Does a house have memories? If you had a family to take care of...and were given the opportunity to buy this humongous house for a steal...would you?

Families have lived here afterwards and not one person has reported anything amiss. Some say that the Lutz's studied and practiced Transcendental Mediation, which they believe opened up their minds to become more sensitive to certain phenomena.

I guess the bottom line is.... do you believe? If you believe in Heaven... then you must believe that there is a Hell. If you believe in Angels....then reasoning suggests you believe in demons.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am so tired. Work has just been crazy lately...and I feel like I'm being pulled in all directions. Top that off with school is out... and I have to work. :( That blows. So... I complain....

but then... I'm reminded of a friend who is battling cancer.... and another who had a cancer scare. And news stories of babies drowning... kids running over other kids in their car because of an ex-girlfriend. Something as simple as watching Silence of the Lambs with my daughters (they're ghouls and love horror movies)....and explaining to them that this movie is a reality. That people are serial killers and yes....go google Jeffrey Dahmer.

Ya.... I can bitch....but I know I'm fortunate. I know I've hit the lottery with 4 healthy kids. I know how lucky I am. Regardless of whatever hurdles I am currently jumping or obstacles I am trying to overcome....

I ....am.... fortunate.

Monday, June 14, 2010

That Damn Cat

Ok....gotta start somewhere. We'll start with the cat. I can't go to sleep at night until I know where she is. She's an outdoor cat...but very good about coming in at night (I've got woods...which got cat eatin critters). I can't find her.

I search the whole house. I can't find her.

It's almost 1 am....I have to go to sleep....but I can't find her anywhere! But sleepiness gives in. I wake up around 4ish.... go to the doors.... jiggling the doorknobs.... to hear a meow.

Where is she you ask?


I have no clue where she was sleeping...but she found a good spot. I go back to sleep...but wake up exhausted.

Damn Cat!